Le chateau de turenne, en correze
La tour césar du jardin du chateau de turenne vue du jardin du château Art contemporain au chateau de turenne

From the top of its promontory where the Viscount reigned, almost free of bonds to the king of France during a period of over 700 years, you can enjoy a magnificent view which stetches from 'Les Monts d'Auvergne' to the East to ' Les marches du Midi Toulousain' to the South.

The story of the Viscounty is particularly remarkable as it has benefitted of numerous royal prerogatives which led to an almost independancy from the crown. It has, under the Comborn, sheltered noble crusaders and benefitted under the Roger de Beaufort (two of them were popes in Avignon) of powerful relationships. Under the La Tour d'Auvergne it reached international fame thanks to the achievements of 'the Maréchal of Turenne'.

The main part of the buiding, dismantled by LouisXV who had just bought it from the indebted Charles Godefroy Duke of Bouillon and Viscount of Turenne, is now a beautiful and flowery French garden together with English and exotic plantings.


La tour césar du jardin du chateau de turenne