Château de Turenne

Free visit which allows you to stroll about at your own pace.
Groups can also book a reservation for a guided tour.

César Tower

Remarkable point of view

Built in the XIII century it symbolised the oath of allegiance to the crown as well as its power and position to send signals to the dependant castles.

You reach the summet through a spiral staircase with a needed ramp.

The Garden

Remarkable point of view

On the rocky platform where the garden now stretches, streched out noble durellings.

Listed in the guide book « Parcs et Jardins de France », the garden combines in a simple and elegant manner French and British styles.

The Guards' room

Middle Age charm

The keep also called the Tresory Tower or the Clock Tower was built in the XIV and has kept its noble medieval arch.

There you can see a collection of rare salt wooden seats.

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